Overview and General Concepts

About Dust

Dust is a platform powered by GPT4, Claude, and Mistral. It's designed to help teams work better with AI. These AI assistants are there to help anyone in the company understand topics in your company's context, increase productivity and improve work processes. They can help with company questions, draft documents, or simplify complex tasks like creating SQL queries for a non-technical person or understanding a sales memo for an engineer.

Our mission: We think people don’t get up to go to work to use the enterprise search portal or to have a better knowledge solution but to get stuff done. We build Dust to make work work better. You can read more here.

General concepts


Dust assistants use advanced models like GPT-4, Mistral, and Claude. There are two types:

  • Frontier model assistants use cutting-edge large models to handle a wide range of tasks like text, summarization, translation, etc.
  • Custom assistants packaging specific needs by Dust and yourself. They focus on particular tasks like interacting with Notion/Slack, SQL query creation, customer support help, etc.

Some examples:

  • @dust: Handles organizational questions
  • @help: Provides Dust support
  • @gpt4/@claude: Offer direct access to large language models

Multiple assistants can be used concurrently to tackle varied tasks.


You interact with Dust assistants through "conversations" where you ask questions/make requests, and the assistants respond using available data. Sharing conversation links allows all workspace members to collaborate, enhancing teamwork.

Create a new conversation for a new topic to keep the assistants focused.


In Dust, a Workspace is where members talk with assistants and customize it for their team's needs. Admins manage data access, invite members, and set roles for better teamwork.

Connections & Data Sources

In Dust, "Connections" are integrated platforms like Notion or Slack where assistants pull data from, available only on paid plans. Admins decide which data assistants can access.

Data Sources are custom data sources created by builders to provide assistants with specific information unavailable inside Connections.


Synchronizing data with Dust means Dust will extract it from the platform you connected and that the data will be available for data retrieval by the assistants.


In Dust, assistants use "Retrieve" to get data from approved sources like Notion or Slack to answer user questions with relevant, specific information.